Radom Academy of Economics had a pleasure to host Mrs. Ewa Wcisło, a regional coordinator of the Modern Business Management Programme representing the Center of Information and Banking Law. Mrs. Wcisło gave a lecture on the market of economic information exchange in Poland.


The students have been acquainted with the economic information flow, the entities taking part in this flow as well as a scope of particular data such as bank rapports of their clients given monthly to the Credit Information Office.


The lecturer discussed three functioning areas of the Economic Information Flow such as risk analysis, financial credibility assessment and soft recovery. The particular attention drew types and scope of rapports, for example, a rapport about the consumer embracing the information about its obligations, the source of the following information coming from all sources of the economy. Another discussed rapport was a rapport about the document including the economic information using somebody’s or faked documents.


The students not only could  listen to the lecture, but also they were willingly taking part in the discussion that followed the lecture.  The students came up with a lot of useful and practical questions such as the conditions of deleting entry of financial arrears of the economic entity or a particular person. The aspect of gaining the information about the consumer by the commercial and cooperative banks raised particular attention.


The lecture took place on 16th of November 2013 as part of cooperation between Radom Academy of Economics and the Polish Bank Association and the Economic Information Office “Infomonitor”.